Frequently Asked Questions: MOT FAQ

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I have previously submitted all of my transcripts to OTCAS, so do I also have to submit them to the University of Florida graduate school?

Oct 12th, 2015

You must submit official transcripts to both OTCAS and the University of Florida Admissions Office.  The address of the Admissions Office is found under CONTACT US on the bottom of […]

What course can I take to meet the oral communications pre-requisite requirement?

May 19th, 2015

Please see the note on our Required Prerequisites page.  There are several suggestions for appropriate courses.  The intent of this course requirement is that the student will give multiple individual […]

Where can I complete the pre-requisite courses required for the MOT program?

May 22nd, 2014

Pre-requisite courses can be completed at any accredited college or university.  This includes community colleges.

Do I have to complete all of the admission requirements at the time I apply?

Aug 23rd, 2013

All prerequisite courses must be completed by the time you enroll in the program. However, the Admission Committee must have enough information about your performance in these courses to predict […]

How old can the pre-requisite courses be?

May 30th, 2013

The UF Graduate School requires all pre-requisite courses to be less than 7 years old. The UF MOT Admissions Committee prefers that Anatomy, Physiology, Statistics, and Abnormal Psychology be less […]

What housing options are available for students?

Feb 2nd, 2012

UF Graduate and Family Housing Website: The Department of Housing and Residence Education features five different apartment complexes known as villages that are available to all Graduate and Professional […]

What is Occupational Therapy and how do I find out more about the profession of Occupational Therapy?

Jan 5th, 2012

Occupational therapy is skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence in all areas of their lives. Occupational therapy assists people in developing the skills necessary for independent and satisfying lives. […]

What is the job outlook for graduates from the MOT program?

Jan 5th, 2012

Occupational Therapy was listed in U.S. News and World Report as one of the top 10 Best Careers. The job outlook was listed as excellent. For more information see the […]

I am interested in applying to the Master’s in OT program. I have a bachelor’s degree, but no pre-OT courses.

Jan 5th, 2012

You are eligible for the conditional admission program. You can enter the MOT program with an undergraduate degree in any major. Students are admitted into the program and complete the […]

I am interested in applying to the MOT program at the University of Florida. What should I do first?

Jan 5th, 2012

Look over this website to get an idea of our educational philosophy and the course work that you will study once in the program. You can also find admission requirements […]

Is a Bachelor’s degree required for admission to the program? What should I take as an undergraduate major?

Jan 5th, 2012

Yes, an undergraduate or BS degree is required. Though many students will complete this college’s Health Science degree and the pre-OT track, you can enter the MOT program with an […]

I have an AA degree from a Florida community college, what is the best major at UF to enter to qualify for the MOT program?

Jan 5th, 2012

Many students who enter the MOT program have completed the College of Public Health and Health Professions’ Health Science degree and the pre-OT track. This degree and track enables you […]

Is the GRE required to apply to the program?

Jan 5th, 2012

Yes. A minimum combined score of 1000 on the GRE (verbal and math) is highly recommended. For applicants submitting scores from the new version of the GRE, minimum scores of […]

How do I find out what pre-requisites are needed to apply to the program?

Jan 5th, 2012

View the required pre-requisite table.

What are the admission deadlines? When do classes start?

Jan 5th, 2012

Check OTCAS after July 19th for an updated version of the UF MOT application. If you have a BHS Degree and completed the pre-OT Track application deadline is January 15th […]

What types of clinical experiences are needed to apply to the program?

Jan 5th, 2012

Thirty (30) hours of observation in at least 2 diverse OT settings are required for application. Check the yellow pages or contact the facility directly for permission to observe. Students […]

Does the MOT program have specific forms for recommendations and to log observation hours?

Jan 5th, 2012

No, recommendations and observation hours are documented through the OTCAS portal. See the OTCAS website for more information.

When does the MOT program begin?

Jan 5th, 2012

For students entering from the Health Science programs that have completed the pre-OT track coursework, the MOT classes begin Summer C. For students entering with degrees from other programs and […]

Can I substitute course work from other universities or programs for the Health Science pre-OT course work?

Jan 5th, 2012

Students may transfer a limited number of upper division courses into the program. Students wishing to do so will be asked to submit a full course syllabi for each course […]

What are the tuition and fees for the MOT program?

Jan 5th, 2012

View the annual cost estimates for graduate students.