FOTA 2016 University of Florida Student Poster Schedule

Presentation TitlePresentersFaculty Advisor
Evidenced-based Practice in U.S. Occupational Therapy: An Integrative ReviewJennifer LotzChristine Myers
Findings from Returning Combat Veterans with Driving Performance Issues: A Grounded Theory ApproachEmily SzafranskiSandra Winter
Increasing Awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder Within Gainesville's Local Police DepartmentsAmanda Hoss, Erica Poulin, Julia Lutz, Mira Patel, Naomi SteelSandra Winter
Reducing Health Disparities by Increasing Awareness of the Services of the OT Equal Access ClinicEmily Szafranski, Zari L. Whittaker, Zachary Pindar, Michael J. SchwabJoanne Foss
A Gluten-Free Casien-Free Diet to Reduce Autistic Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderTaylor Rapaport, Emily SzafranskiSergio Romero
Addressing the Nutritive Wellness of Local Veterans as a Service Learning OpportunityAshley Lee, Taylor Rapaport, Alyson Giambalvo, Victoria Salud, Jennifer LotzSandra Winter
Effectiveness of Joint Attention Intervention on Increasing Skills in Children with AutismJennifer Smith, Sharon MedinaSergio Romero
Strategies to Promote Physical and Mental Well-being of College Students while StudyingJordan Marcus, Anthony DePiero, Jennifer Smith, Albert Daley IISandra Winter
Providing the Foundation for Volunteer Knowledge in Equine-Assisted TherapyKimberlee Kurtz, Cristina Gutierrez, Carolina Gonzalez, Katie BrockmeyerSandra Winter
Facilitating Community Engagement Through Dance for Individuals with Parkinson's DiseaseKathleen Contreras, Christina Rivera, Tyler Weaver, Gaura McLeod, Delaney ConnollySandra Winter
Institutional Integration of Students with Learning Disabilities Participating in a Study Implementing a Comprehensive Model of SupportSharon Medina, Nicolas Harrington, Yoonjeong LimConsuelo Kreider
Relationship Between Years of Caregiving Experience and Burden and Depression OutcomesRachel GrafConstance Uphold
Parent Stress as Related to Feeding in Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderJulia LutzSandra Winter