OT Welcomes a K-12 Scholar and Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Angell and Dr. Mason join UF OT departmentThe Department of Occupational Therapy welcomes Dr. Amber Angell (left), research assistant professor, and Dr. Justin Mason (right), postdoctoral associate. Angell completed her predoctoral work at USC in understanding African American and Latino families’ experiences of their children’s ASD diagnosis and services. Angell’s postdoctoral training is in translational and community-engaged research from the University of Illinois at Chicago. During her postdoctoral work, Angell worked on federally funded community-based participatory research projects. She also received a postdoctoral award from the American Occupational Therapy Foundation to carry out a community-engaged mixed-methods study with youth with ASD. Mason completed his PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology and his dissertation is entitled, “Effects of cardiovascular health on cognitive function and driving performance in healthy older adults.” He holds an MS in Exercise Physiology, an MS in Sport Management, and a BS in Psychology — all from Florida State University. Mason will work on a newly funded project from the DOT and UF Transportation Institute, entitled “UF and UAB’s Demonstration Study: Older Drivers Experiences with Autonomous Vehicle Technology.”