OT well represented at FOTA Annual Conference

The Florida Occupational Therapy Association (FOTA) annual meeting was held in October. Forty-two faculty members and students from the Department of Occupational Therapy took advantage of this opportunity to present their scientific work via workshops, short courses, and poster presentations. Additionally, Dr. Linda Struckmeyer received FOTA’s Award of Recognition for her commitment to the profession through excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and leadership. Occupational therapy student Sarah Hays and mentor Dr. Linda Struckmeyer were recognized with the Most Visually-Engaging Poster for their presentation entitled “Effects of Visual Cues on the Safety and Participation of Persons with Dementia.” Dr. Sandra Winter and occupational therapy students Rachel Chrisien, Cailyx Jackson, Claudia Luna, Dana Mack, and Courtney Wiggins received the Soul of Occupational Therapy award for their poster presentation, “Autism and Disaster Preparedness: Promoting Preparedness and Accessibility in Shelters.”

photo UF OT faculty and students at the 2018 FOTA Conference
UF OT faculty and students at the 2018 FOTA Conference