Fieldwork Educator Workshop 2021

Educating and Shaping the Next Generation of OTs: How to Bridge the Communication Gap between Fieldwork Educators and their OT Students

January/February 2021

Part 1: Getting the Best Start: Opening the Door to Communication Using Emotional Competence and Learning Styles

CASEL Adult SEL Self-Assessment

Interest Checklist

    This resource is no longer available.

Learning Style Assessment

Learning Style Questionnaire

Model of Human Occupation Theory and Application

    This resource is no longer available.

Social and Emotional Competencies Checklist

The Felder and Soloman Index of Learning Styles (ILS)

The Myers & Briggs Foundation

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory

What Color is Your Brain?


Part 2: The Gift of Feedback: Helping your Student Grow in Fieldwork

New Fieldwork Performance Evaluation Tool

Feedback Sandwich

Pendleton Model

One-Minute Preceptor Tool one page

One-Minute Preceptor Tool

We Have to Talk: A Step-By-Step Checklist for Difficult Conversations

Confidence in the Clinic Video

How to Give and Receive Feedback Effectively

Learning to give feedback in medical education

Part 3: Creating a Safe Space: Creating A Safe Space For Students To Communicate About Difficult Topics

Harvard Implicit Bias Test


Fieldwork Educators Community of Practice

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Principal Investigator

Bethany Horne, OTR/L –

Co Facilitator

Rebecca L Simon, Ed, D OTR/L –