Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Seitz, OTR/L

Class of 2014 Masters in Occupational Therapy (MOT)

Volunteer with Refugees Currently I live in Central Asia meeting any and every OT need I can- from working with moms trying to find value in parenting in a new challenging culture, finding creative ways for stress management, or helping kiddos reach developmental milestones (and even infant feeding- eek!)

Acute Care (previously) UF Health

Favorite Occupation Running along the seaside as the sun rises

Personal Statement

Why Jessica loves occupational therapy…

"I love occupational therapy because I find so much joy in watching others thrive! I love getting to help people step outside of their comfort zones to accomplish something new, familiar, or hard. OT creatively helps people recognize the power they have to maximize their potential. When someone recognizes this kind of power, they can easily change the world."

Jessica Seitz, OTR/L photo