Dr. Sherrilene Classen Receives a Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Award to Study Leadership and Spirituality

Leadership and Spirituality—A “new” model for PHHP Academic Leaders

Dr. Sherrilene Classen photo

Dr. Sherrilene Classen has received a UF Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Award, entitled: ”Leadership and Spirituality—A “new” model for PHHP Academic Leaders”. During this “mini-sabbatical”, Dr. Classen will study and apply the principles of an Integral Model that subscribes to frameworks of leadership and spiritualty. More than ever before we need to implement Spirituality, defined as “an ethic of belonging in an infinite field of universal love,” with Leadership, i.e., to create a sense of belonging and equanimity among constituents to achieve optimal results for the benefit of the whole. Most disciplines are redefining themselves to prepare to deal with, manage, and imagine our “new” world with its limitations, stressors, challenges, and opportunities. Unfortunately, academic leaders do not generally subscribe to, nor have they been taught, a model of integrative (spiritual) leadership that can acceptably and adequately guide and inform them in strategy development— as role models of living and working – according to principles of a higher Consciousness. Adoption and application of this model may accelerate our group’s evolution towards a responsive, integrative, and spiritual leadership – and empower us to develop and implement conscious solutions and innovations, while also guiding us in leading and solving the academic challenges of our decade.