Increasing Meaningful Activity Participation in People Living with Dementia

OTD Capstone Poster Presentation photo
From left: Sira Botes, Dr. Sherrilene Classen, Breanna Singletary, and Dr. CJ Liu

Florida has the second highest incidence rate of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common type of dementia, in the USA. Dementia affects the brain and the ability to engage in daily activities that an individual needs to do or enjoys doing. Breanna Singletary, a recent graduate of the clinical doctoral program of occupational therapy, completed a capstone project to create and implement a quality-of-life assessment tool for The Botes Memory™, a dementia evaluation and treatment platform used by Concierge Home Care. The Botes Memory Method™ is a non-pharmacological clinical approach, using the “Memory Bouquet™” to categorize functional cognitive levels and promote meaningful activity engagement to elevate quality of life. Breanna was under the mentorship of Sira Botes, occupational therapist and developer of the method, and Dr. CJ Liu, associate professor of occupational therapy at UF. This capstone project helped Breanna land her first occupational therapy job with Concierge Home Care.