UFOT Vision and Mission


By 2025, the UF OT Department will be a vibrant preeminent research and educational entity in the USA.


We will lead research innovations, present thriving and varied educational programs, embrace a clinician–scientist model, be fiscally healthy, and serve the occupational needs of people, organizations and populations.

UFOT Values

We, the members of the Great Department of Occupational Therapy, establish and uphold these shared values to guide our collective actions and decision-making, foster our growth, and promote the department’s health and wellbeing.


We promote collective decision-making through affirmation of everyone’s contributions.


We remain adaptable and intentionally grow and build endurance through our focus on connection, wellness, healthy thinking, and meaning.


We acknowledge and consider others’ strengths, interests, and priorities to align expertise, talent, and objectives for the benefit of the individual and the Department.


We innovate, facilitate change, foster growth, optimize processes, and question to promote positive disruption.


We proactively share relevant and factual information and provide clear expectations and deadlines.

Activities of the Chair