The Department of Occupational Therapy prepares occupational therapists and other rehabilitation professionals to translate evidence that informs practice, affects health and community systems, and meets the occupational needs of people, organizations and populations. Through coursework and field experiences, students gain knowledge and skills to support the participation of individuals across the lifespan in valued roles and meaningful occupations. Learn more about our programs and courses below.

Sensory Lab

Experiential Learning

Learn from direct, hands-on experiences in the lab, through fieldwork supervised by a licensed occupational therapist, participating in events such as CarFit, and volunteering at the Equal Access Clinic.

Dr. Consuelo Kreider instructs OTD students.

Our Programs

We offer graduate, professional, and certificate programs for students who want to further their careers in occupational therapy, research, or driver rehabilitation.


Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive education that challenges students and prepares them for careers in health care or research.