BHS-OTD Curriculum

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BHS Year 1

Fall (15 credits)Required for OTDCredits
HSA 3111 U.S. Health Care System3
HSC 3502 Survey of Diseases and Disabilities3
HSC 3537 Health and Medical Terminology3
OTH 6002 Foundations of Occupational TherapyYes3
OTH 6722 Professional Development in Occupational TherapyYes1
Elective (3000/4000 level)2
Spring (15 credits)Required for OTDCredits
HSC 3057 Research Methods and Issues in Health Science3
HSC 4558 Survey of Diseases and Disabilities 23
HSC 4652L Ethical and Legal Issues in the Health Professions3
PHC 4101 Public Health Concepts3
OTH 6209 Applied Lifespan Human DevelopmentYes3

BHS Year 2

Fall (15 credits)Required for OTDCredits
HSC 3661 Therapeutic Communication Skills with Patients, Families and the Health Care Team2
RCS 4415L Therapeutic Communication Skills Laboratory1
HSC 4184 Health Care Leadership: Skills and Styles3
OTH 6008 Neuroscience of Human OccupationYes5
OTH 6419 Pathophysiological Conditions in OT PracticeYes3
Elective (3000-4000 level)1
Spring (15 credits)Required for OTDCredits
HSC 4608L Critical Thinking in Health Care4
OTH 6242 Clinical and Functional KinesiologyYes3
OTH 6423 Clinical Musculoskeletal AnatomyYes5
OTH 6539 Occupational Therapy TheoryYes3
Graduate with BHS degree having completed the first two semesters of the OTD program.

OTD Year 1

Summer (10 credits)Credits
OTH 6435 OT Clinical Skills 12
OTH 6324 Psychosocial OT Evaluation and Intervention3
OTH 6850 Psychosocial Level 1 Fieldwork2
OTH 6763 Research 1: Evidence Based Practice3

OTD Year 2

Fall (15 credits)Credits
OTH 6115 OT Clinical Skills 23
OTH 6437 Occupation-based Practice and Rehabilitation: Physical Domain2
OTH 6437L Occupation-based Practice and Rehabilitation Lab: Physical Domain2
OTH 6620C Occupation-based Practice and Rehabilitation: Cognitive, Perceptual, Social Domains3
OTH 6622C Occupation-based Practice, Participation, and Health3
OTH 6816 Adult Level 1 Fieldwork2
Spring (13 credits)Credits
OTH 6635 Occupational Therapy Screening and Evaluation 14
OTH 6641 Occupational Therapy Intervention 14
OTH 6812 Pediatric Level 1 Fieldwork2
OTH 6726 OT Service Delivery and Organization2
OTH 6906 Doctoral Mentorship 11
Summer (7 credits)Credits
OTH 6848 Level 2 Fieldwork 16
OTH 6904 Doctoral Mentorship 21

OTD Year 3

Fall (9 credits)Credits
OTH 6849 Level 2 Fieldwork 26
OTH 6818 Clinical Competence Seminar2
OTH 6819 Competency1
Spring (10 credits)Credits
OTH 6700 Advocacy and Interprofessional Skills2
OTH 6016 Advanced Occupational Therapy Theory3
OTH 6724 Program Evaluation and Development3
OTH 6908 Doctoral Mentorship 32
Summer (8 credits)Credits
OTH 6705 Leadership and Professional Development3
OTH 6765 Research: Methods and Design3
OTH 6909 Doctoral Mentorship 42
PHC 6937 Introduction to Public Health0

OTD Year 4

Fall (9 credits)Credits
OTH 6985 Residency: Doctoral Experiential7
OTH 6911 Capstone2

Total Credit Hours in OTD Program