Course Sequence

Preceding their professional preparation, students receive a liberal education in their preprofessional studies at the undergraduate level. Most students complete the Bachelors of Health Science degree (BHS) at UF that includes a common core taken by all students. Health Science students planning to enter the Masters in Occupational Therapy Degree Program complete six courses that can be applied toward their preparation for the MOT degree.

MOT Students that have completed the pre-OT track are admitted for Summer semester only, and graduate at the end of the Fall semester following 1.33 years of full time study (5 semesters) and 58 credits.

PHC 6937 Introduction to Public Health: All graduate students in this college must complete this course. MOT students will be enrolled and will complete this free non-credit class during the first summer semester. The purpose of the course is to provide a broad introduction to public health as well as an understanding about how health professions contribute to achieving the goals of public health.

Courses & Syllabi

The six pre-OT courses are offered the first Fall and Spring semesters preceding the Summer start of the MOT program. These classes must be completed with a C grade or better and the student must earn a 3.0 semester average each semester to continue with the MOT courses. Tuition is charged at undergraduate rates for all 6 pre-OT classes.
Health Science/Pre-OT Courses (21 credits)Credits
OTH 4418 Nervous System with lab5
OTH 3200 Applied Human Development 13
OTH 3201 Applied Human Development 22
OTH 4412 Musculoskeletal Anatomy with lab5
OTH 3416 Pathophysiology3
OTH 3413 Kinesiology3

MOT Graduate Courses

Summer (12 credits)Credits
OTH 5002 Foundations of Occupational Therapy3
OTH 6539 Occupational Therapy Theory3
OTH 5770 Research in Occupational Therapy3
OTH 5435 Therapeutic Activities I: Biomechanical Factors2
OTH 5722 Professional Development in OT1
Semester Total12
Fall (16 credits)Credits
OTH 6636 Principles of OT Screening and Evaluation II4
OTH 6642 Occupational Therapy Interventions II6
OTH 5115 Therapeutic Activities II: Areas of Occupation3
OTH 5816 Practicum II3
Semester Total16
Spring (15 credits)Credits
OTH 6635 Principles of OT Screening and Evaluation I3
OTH 6641 Occupational Therapy Interventions I4
OTH 5726 Service Delivery and OT Management2
OTH 5324 Psychosocial Intervention4
OTH 5812 Practicum I2
Semester Total15
Summer (8 credits)Credits
OTH 5848 Fieldwork II6
OTH 6708 Issues in OT Practice I (on-line)2
Semester Total8
Fall (8 or 11 credits)Credits
OTH 5849 Fieldwork II6
OTH 6709 Issues in OT Practice II (on-line)2
OTH 6861 Specialty Residency3
Semester Total8 (11)
Program Total59