Professional Development

To guide the process of professional development: self-reflection and self-assessment, identification of specific individual competencies for development, goal setting, and selection of professional development and growth activities.

“No one, at any given time in his or her career, has the entire breadth and scope of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to carry out chosen goals. Professional growth, like human development, flows along a continuum that is not linear but bumpy, at times convoluted and unpredictable, and certainly only partially planned. Many choose to go with the flow, content to make the best of what befalls them. On the other hand, some may prefer to take a stronger role in shaping their career path. Nevertheless, professional growth merely begins at entry-level education and fieldwork and then extends throughout a “career-time.”


Robertson, SC & Savio, MG. (2003, November 17).  Mentoring as professional development. OT Practice, 8, 20-27.

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