Healthy Aging and Functional Ability Lab

We believe that age is just a number and promote healthy aging by helping older adults engage in activities that are valuable to their health and independence. Our research goal is to increase disability-free life expectancy for older adults by developing, testing, and implementing evidence-based programs.

Director: Dr. CJ Liu

Dr. Liu sitting at a table with research participant

Positive Transitions to Adulthood Lab

To advance, through research and education, the evidence and practices for promoting and improving the participation, health, and wellbeing of young people with developmental neuropsychological differences during the transition to adulthood.

Director: Dr. Consuelo Kreider

Dr. Consuelo Kreider with her students

RTI Driving Simulator Lab

Human factors research and clinical services have been just a couple uses of the lab. Interested in learning how you could make use of the driving simulator?

Manager: Mr. Jason Rogers

The operator station, which controls and observes simulation in progress.