PhD Student Profiles

PhD students from the Department of Occupational Therapy enrolled in the Rehabilitation Science Doctoral program consist of focused and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to improving the field. With the support of their mentors, our PhD students are actively involved in scholarly investigations and dissemination projects. Among these students, 15 papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals. In 2019, six students presented at the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Conference and two were selected to present in the Young Scientist Theater of that conference.

Our PhD students come from backgrounds related to occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, and engineering. They showcase amazing diversity and stem from Canada, Peru, South Korea, and Kenya. As a result, our students from the department foster interdisciplinary work, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, which position them to better solve the complex problems of today’s society.

We are proud of all our PhD students and their mentors!

RSD students group photo
Pictured from left: Jaewon Kang, Sharon Medina, Shabnam Medhizadah, Sharon Mburu, James Wersal, Carlyn Ellison, Fiorella Guerrero Calle, Seung Woo Hwangbo, and Mary Jeghers.
Isabelle Coppa Wandenkolk photo

Automated Vehicle (AV) Technology

Isabelle Coppa Wandenkolk, MPH, CPH

Promoting Veteran centric rural transportation options via automated shuttle exposure

Seung Woo Hwangbo photo

Disability, Occupation and Participation Science

Seung Woo Hwangbo

Building a predictive model of driver perceptions (all ages) of autonomous vehicle technology

Shabnam Medhizadah photo

Disability, Occupation and Participation Science

Shabnam Medhizadah, MS

Constructing the short form Fitness-to-Drive screening measure