Recent Projects


Understanding User Experiences and Adoption Practices of Adults Pertaining to Autonomous Vehicle Technology

The Department of Transportation / University of Florida STRIDE is funding a study to develop a model to support experiences of drivers of all age groups with autonomous vehicle technology.

UF team members for autonomous vehicle project


The Perspectives of Youth with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities in Rehabilitation Evaluation and Outcome Measurement

Dr. Kramer, in partnership with AbleLink Technologies, is designing a novel tool to include the perspectives of youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities (DD) and related cognitive impairments in rehabilitation evaluation and outcome measurement.

Dr. Kramer holding a tablet displaying PEDI-PRO app

Older adults

Enhancing Functional Gains from Structured Exercise for Older Adults who are at Risk of Losing Independence at Home

Dr. Liu studies the relationship between cognitive aging and health literacy. She examines the use of text cohesion, illustrations, and stereoscopic videos to reduce the cognitive load required to process health information in older adults.

Chiung-Ju Liu photo

College Students

A Model for Simultaneously Advancing Campus-Based Supports for Learning Disabilities

Dr. Kreider and an interdisciplinary team at UF have developed, implement, and tested a novel model for assisting students with learning disabilities (LD), including ADHD, achieve success as college students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Dr. Consuelo Kreider with her students


Grip Strength in Children

Dr. Shechtman is studying grip strength measured utilizing the DynEx dynamometer with its newly developed Child’s Handle Adapter to establish grip strength norms as well as testing guidelines for children that can be utilized by clinicians for comparisons among children with various health conditions.

Measuring grip strength of a child