Equal Access Clinic: Occupational Therapy Specialty Clinic (OT EAC)

Free occupational therapy services at the hands of occupational therapy students under the supervision of licensed clinicians.

OT EAC board members 2018-2019

OT Equal Access Clinic student board members 2018-2019


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Who We Are

We are an occupational therapy specialty clinic within Gainesville’s greater Equal Access Clinic Network that is run by students in the UF MOT Program, supported by the UF OT faculty, and guided by local volunteer clinicians.

What We Do

We provide pro-bono OT services every Thursday night during the time period that the UF MOT program is in session from 6-8 pm. We are located above the CVS on SW 13th Street (across from Steak ‘n Shake). Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. No referral necessary.

What To Expect

If you think of occupations as the important roles and activities that you do throughout the day—to occupy your time meaningfully and purposefully—then you can understand occupational therapy as a way you do what is meaningful to you. This can include tasks such as getting dressed, establishing a daily routine, managing your medication, or doing the laundry, but it can also entail activities like playing guitar, trialing adaptive sports, navigating the community, or creating pottery. The possibilities are endless! If there’s something in your life keeping you from what you’d like to be doing then maybe you should consider OT.

Occupational Therapists ask:

“What matters to you?”


“What’s the matter with you?”

-Ginny Stoffel

Where We Are Located

Above the CVS on the corner of SW 13th Street and SW 16th Avenue. The entrance to the clinic is on the side of the building facing Steak ‘n Shake across SW 13th Street. If there is not a greeter at the door please ring the call bell and we will buzz you in. *A note about parking* If you plan to drive, please park in the CVS parking lot that is behind the building and away from the entrance on 13th Street. *A note about bus routes* RTS bus routes 13, 16, and 17 have stops at the CVS and Steak ‘n Shake across the street.


1621 SW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32608


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